The purpose of this site is to highlight the relevance and impact of company law and corporate governance to every day life.

Company law and corporate governance do not receive much media attention except, unfortunately, after things go wrong, when companies and individuals misappropriate funds, goods, services and ultimately betray trust.

The posts are primarily aimed at my company law and governance students and thus will address contemporary topics, linking into legal and theoretical relevant areas, and reference empirical research.  It will enable students to identify topics of relevance to them, their area of interest, their work, and see them applied to the issues addressed and discussed in lectures.   These posts are not intended to be comprehensive in scope, and are not peer-reviewed, however, it is hoped that it will encourage the reader to appreciate the complexity of the subjects and seek more information to enable them to understand and articulate their own views more clearly.

Maeve O’Connell BComm, BL, MBA

Lecturer Corporate Governance & Company Law
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