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Corporate Boards and the impact of Women Directors

“Only 17% of directors are women in Irish companies”[1] “One in three women directors in Ireland say a glass ceiling exists in Irish business”[2] On International Women’s Day (March 8th) numbers like these grab headlines and prompt urgent discussion, but do not answer the question, does board level gender diversity make a difference. Continue reading

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Do Whistleblowing Hotlines Work?

Although there are many definitions for whistleblowing the widely and most cited definition is “the disclosure by organisation members (former or current) of illegal, immoral or illegitimate practices under the control of their employers, to persons or organisations that may be able to effect action” (Near & Miceli 1985).  Whistleblowing hotlines[1], and the number of … Continue reading

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Another Charity Scandal – why does it keep happening?

The recent reports of misappropriation of funds by the founder and management of Console, a suicide prevention charity, are distressing for the workers, volunteers, service users, supporters and general public[1].  The impact may be felt by the entire charitable sector, as happened following the CRC revelations in 2014, where charitable donations declined overall[2]. Managers of … Continue reading

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Paying for Whistleblowing

The Ontario Securities Commission of Canada has introduced financial rewards for whistleblowers, as much as C$5million(The Economist 2016).  This system is modelled on the American Securities and Exchange Commission scheme. But does it work? Does it uncover wrongdoing that otherwise would have continued? Not everyone pays whistleblowers, for example the British Financial Conduct Authority, the … Continue reading