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A more effective Volunteer Board in Non-Profits – recommendations

Another charity scandal, this time involving, Bothar,  a much loved an organistion know for its whimsical “Are we there yet?!” Christmas campaign (Keena, 2021).  However, many of the issues identified in the Turnhout (2018) report are of relevance here also: Clarity on the roles of the board and the roles of staff. Regular board skills … Continue reading

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Is the future virtual? The Virtual AGM

The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) (COVID-19) Act 2020(The 2020 Act) has made virtual AGMS legal.  Virtual AGMs (V-AGM) are where no physical meeting take places. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of a company is a legally required meeting of the shareholders where certain statutory annual business is undertaken e.g. approving the accounts and dividend, and other … Continue reading

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How many Directorships is too many?

Should an investor be impressed or concerned where a Director serves on multiple boards? Should an experienced executive accept an external board position? On how many boards is an experienced director able to competently serve? These questions all ask: does it matter how “busy” a director is?  Although most governance guidance and corporate reports do … Continue reading

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The Role and Importance of the Board Chairperson

The successful application by the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement(ODCE) to the High Court for the appointment of inspectors to Independent News and Media Group (INM) included evidence on the actions of the then Chairperson of INM, Lesley Buckley (Cantillon, 2018), highlighting the important role of the board Chairperson.  So what is the … Continue reading

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A more effective Volunteer Board in Non-Profits – recommendations with illustrations from the Scouting Ireland Report June 2018

This month’s report reviewing the governance of Scouting Ireland  (Turnhout, 2018)  highlights several issues that non-profits and their volunteer boards frequently encounter.  The following sections will highlight some of common challenges faced by non-profit boards which were also encountered by Scouting Ireland.  This article is not a comprehensive review of Scouring Ireland or its governance, … Continue reading

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The Elf on the Shelf, Santa’s Whistleblowers

The Elf on the Shelf is a modern and increasingly popular Christmas tradition which began with a children’s book in the United States followed by a successful animated programme, features on NBC, the Tonight Show and even a float in Macy’s parade (Pinto & Nemorin 2015).  According to the tradition, elves are assigned to homes … Continue reading

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Directors accountability for failures in employment conditions and practices

Recent controversies about the alleged abuse of the positions of power by individuals in the arts and political world have received extensive media attention with associated demands for change (Clarke 2017; Mackin & Gallagher 2017; Staunton 2017).   It is thus appropriate to consider, in general, the Directors and Boards responsibility to employees who experience harassment … Continue reading

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Managerial Hegemony – an under-researched phenomena

Agency Theory is the dominant theory underpinning corporate governance. The theory arises from economic theory and states that the separation of management from control in firms creates agency issues due to the conflicts of interest between owners(principals) and managers(agents) who are assumed to pursue self-interest (Fama & Jensen 1983; Eisenhardt 1989).  This relationship enables information … Continue reading