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A more effective Volunteer Board in Non-Profits – recommendations

Another charity scandal, this time involving, Bothar,  a much loved an organistion know for its whimsical “Are we there yet?!” Christmas campaign (Keena, 2021).  However, many of the issues identified in the Turnhout (2018) report are of relevance here also:

Clarity on the roles of the board and the roles of staff.

Regular board skills gap analysis with new members to be identified and appointed based on their ability to fill a board skills gap.

Publish biographies of board members, highlighting their relevant board, industry and organisation skills.  A signalling message to stakeholders reassuring them of the effectiveness of the board’s selection procedures improving organisation and board legitimacy.

A formal structured and transparent board selection processes, following the identification of board skills gaps.

Inductions for new board members and on-going training for all board members.

Further details see June 2018 post on “A more effective Volunteer Board in Non-Profits”

Keena, C. (April 27, 2021). Former Bóthar chief admits taking hundreds of thousands from charity. Irish Times. Retrieved 06 May 2021 from

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